What can an ally to LGBTIQ+ refugees do?

Learn about the plight of LGBTIQ+ refugees

You can become a refugee for simply being an LGBTIQ+ person. There are over 70 countries in the world that criminalise and persecute LGBTIQ+ people. Violence, abuse, discrimination and injustices are perpetrated not only by states but also often family and society. LGBTIQ+ women are subjected to forced marriages and LGBTIQ+ people are too often subjected to sexual and gender-based violence. Often the only way to survive is to seek asylum.

Welcome LGBTIQ+ refugees

Help creating welcoming new homes for LGBTIQ+ people who have experienced forced displacement. Welcome is about actions. It is both about raising the visibility of LGBTIQ+ lives and providing practical supports such as help with finding accommodation or writing a resume. Inviting a person for a cup of coffee and chat will go a long way

Respect refugee stories

Refugee stories are so much bigger than what happened to us. Some people take pride in them and for some it is such a painful part of our histories to discuss. Please do not ask people to share their stories unless they choose to. When a refugee story is shared it needs to be respected as a source of knowledge about LGBTIQ+ forced displacement. Refugee stories also do not finish when we cross the borders.

Support LGBTIQ+ refugee self-representation

In new and safe societies LGBTIQ+ refugees face exclusion, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia. They are always presented as some tiny group of people that is an exception. Even within refugee spaces LGBTIQ+ still have to fight for representation of their lived experiences. Make sure that you centre the voices of LGBTIQ+ refugees in your activism. Stand next to us, build solidarity, support our advocacy and donate to LGBTIQ+ refugees-run organisations and groups.

Leave no one behind

LGBTIQ+ people existed in all cultures and societies. When advocating for human rights, advocate for human rights for all, no terms and conditions apply.