2019 Queer Displacements conference

The 2019 Queer Displacements were organised by two queer refugee women, Tina Dixson and Renee Dixson. The conference was hosted by the ANU Humanities Research Centre that provided financial and administration support. 

The inaugural 2019 Queer Displacements conference brough together 150 attendees from 14 countries under the theme Sexuality, Migration and Exile. The program covered challenges and protection needs of LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people, emerging research and highlighted solutions for better support.

Queer Displacements championed the voices and the lived experience of LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers, refugees, former refugees and otherwise forcibly displaced people. Queer Displacements has created a space for awareness raising, solidarity, building alliances and engaging the whole of society in ensuring justice, protection and solutions for LGBTIQ+ people in forced displacement.

2019 Conference report

2019 Conference program