Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN) is the first organisation in Australia to dedicate its work to the issues of LGBTIQ+ forced displacement and be driven by the lived experience of it. FDPN is established to promote human rights and inclusion of LGBTIQ+ persons in forced displacement through peer support and strengthening services and policy responses. FDPN builds upon successful work of the Queer Sisterhood Project and the 2019 Queer Displacements Conference. 


We envision a world where LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people are included in societies and are safe, free and supported. We work towards refugee policy and service provision being delivered through an intersectional approach, being inclusive of and responsive to the needs of LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people.


  1. To provide benevolent relief to alleviate the suffering, distress and social isolation of LGBTIQ+ people in forced displacement; and 
  2. To support, empower and alleviate social isolation, suffering or distress of LGBTIQ+ people in forced displacement through the use of online and face to face meetings and other relevant initiatives of the charity. 

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