Speakers’ corner at the 2019 Global Refugee Forum

Refugee Women Organising: Identifying protection needs, building solidarity, working towards solutions Presented by Tina Dixson (refugee co-sponsor, PhD Candidate ANU) and Renee Dixson (PhD Candidate ANU) [speech transcript]  In many countries, for LGBTIQ people fear for their life is a daily experience. 30% of UN member states legally discriminate LGBTIQ people, in 11 countries death penalty is inContinue reading “Speakers’ corner at the 2019 Global Refugee Forum”

In the media

Read, listen and watch FDPN talk to journalists on all issues regarding LGBTIQ+ forced displacement. Forcibly displaced queer women, gendered violence, and the 16 Days of Activism against GBV  Queering the Air / MV29 November 2020 Content warning: This episode contains descriptions and discussions of violence against women and girls, physical and emotional abuse, sexual violence,Continue reading “In the media”