We are stronger together campaign

Around the world LGBTIQ+ people are enduring discrimination and abuse. Our freedom to love and family has been taken away from us. We live in fear to be punished and rejected by family, friends, community and society. We cry about wanting to live our lives without hiding. Sexual and gender-based violence, injustices and impossibility to use the law to protect ourselves have forced us to leave our homes. 

Seeking asylum, we are faced with new difficulties. 

The government chooses to leave us without support that drives us to poverty and homelessness. Services providers silence our experiences saying that LGBTIQ+ displacement is an insignificant issue. Racism, xenophobia, transphobia and homophobia towards anyone erodes the values we all share as a society. 

All of us strive to be safe, supported by our communities and chosen family and treated with dignity. Forcibly Displaced People Network breaks the silence around LGBTIQ+ displacement and stops the erasure of our experiences. We create a safer place for LGBTIQ+ displaced people, a loving community, a safe home and a life in dignity. 

But we need your help. Let all LGBTIQ+ who were forcibly displaced know that their lives are valuable. We are stronger together.

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