Online Training

Building service capacity to work with LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people

Course Overview

This online training module is designed to increase the capacity of various community services in providing affirming, safe and inclusive support for LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people. It has been co-designed with LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people.

The training module is designed for a range of organisations. This includes organisations working with asylum-seeking, migrant, refugee and international student populations and LGBTIQ+ organisations and services working with people living with HIV. Any other interested organisation or an individual may find these materials useful.

The training takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Acknowledgements and gratitude 

This training module would not be possible without the generosity of LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people in sharing their knowledge and experiences. We thank members of the FDPN LGBTIQ+ Refugee Advisory Group and LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people who are members of FDPN for their work on this module. Veronica, Eliana, Pola, Ryan, Neer, Tristan, Aisya, Eman, Wellington, Elliott, Hafsar, Youssef, Joan, Cedric, Umar, Raj and Supul – thank you! Special thank you to Azlan Ehsani for your knowledge and expertise.

This training module has been created in partnership with Meridian, an ACT-based LGBTIQ+ peer-led organisation, BridgeMeals, Melbourne-based community group for LGBITQ+ refugees and migrants, Migration Council of Australia a national non for profit supporting better outcomes for migrants and refugees and ANU Centre for Digital Humanities Research. The creation of this module was possible thanks to a grant from the Pride Foundation Australia.

Copyright notice

CC BY-NC-ND: You may use and share content of this training modules with an attribution to the Forcibly Displaced People Network. You may not alter any of this content for your purposes.