Time to act

Persecution on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics must end. We all can do our part to help LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people to find safety and home in Australia.

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Your donation will help support LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people. If 800 people donated only $10 a month we will both provide practical support to the community and work on a systemic change in settlement.

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Get the most recent data on LGBTIQ+ settlement in Australia: https://fdpn.org.au/survey-lgbtiqa-displacement/

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We work with service providers, policy organisations and professional bodies.

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Affirm the rights of LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people to safety and justice.


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This is the event of the ever to connect, learn the most current issues and build partnerships with LGBTIQ+ displaced communities and organisations.

Run an event, a marathon or cupcake sale.

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